Wearing Winter Stripes

striped tee striped tee striped tee striped tee striped tee striped tee striped tee


You’ll find me in stripes all summer long.

All year long if I could. The effortless feel of stripes is my favorite way to keep things classic and chic, while adding in that laid-back vibe. The only thing is that my favorite classic-chic pattern seems to be missing (sans, gone, outta here) for half the year. No fret – I stumbled along this striped shirt and I’m smitten. Also – look how darling it made a simple jeans-and-booties outfit feel? The chic vibe is hard to mess up, since this bell-sleeved-esque top can make nearly any outfit. Added in my favorite boooties of the season (did you know pointed toe shoes help elongate your legs?) and fringed scarf. Voila. Happy-Soon-To-Be-Weekend, friends. XO

Photos by Jordan Afshin

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  1. Andrea Nine

    Striped Delight!!! So chic and fun! I swear, you are the cutest!!

  2. Tabitha

    Lovely outfit! I typically shy away from stripes, but your top looks so cute and flowy. Definitely one I might try out! Also, you look so cute with short hair!


  3. Maureen

    I love your hair first and foremost. Secondly, I am with you about wearing stripes all year long. Stripes are just so easy to wear and can go with anything or can be worn by anybody. I love how you styled your striped sweater here with neutral accessories. Your scarf looks super cozy and winter ready!


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