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Darling Days

Aug 24

the darling detailthe darling detailthe darling detail

Have you ever been faced with a journey – a road that feels exhausting, maybe laborsome – but it only feels this way because you’re so focused on getting to the end goal? Your happy ending?

Rewind to last Saturday … it’s pouring down rain … absolutely nothing to do. Solution? Popped in the chick flick ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’ (have you seen it? If not … make it happen). Within 10 minutes, I started endlessly attempting to figure out the happy ending in the movie (le duh). My friends’ response? “Jessi. No more questions. We are not telling you, so just relax and watch.” Rude. Or not?

I’ve noticed that often in life, I’m so focused on the “end goal” or the “happy ending” that I’ve suddenly spent all my energy forcing the final conclusion to the surface (on my timing and my circumstances).  And then I’m left exhausted, tired and the least bit inspired about the outcome when it finally arrives.

But that’s where it got me: it’s not the end goal that makes you; it’s the experience getting there that actually shapes you. That instant gratification of the 21st century has us feeling that we need to know the outcome (the promotion, the influence, the success, the ring, the career, the degree, the social acceptance) to feel complete. Not only that; we need it now. Instead of rushing to the end to see the fruits of my labor – I’ve realized the true purpose IS the labor. The training of life is in the present – in this VERY moment. But that’s where you have to trust the process.

You could rephrase this as: “God is not working toward a particular finish-line; His purpose is the process itself.” (Utmost Devotional) There will be times when God will lead us to make decisions in blind obedience – finding ourselves in seasons of confusion, searching for the “why” behind it all since it has yet to come to fruition. Until we suddenly realize that – perhaps we have been strengthened, matured, loved, and cleansed in between. All that forcing, rushing, and trying to make the outcome surface suddenly leaves us exhausted when: it is the trusting of the unknown that truly shapes us.

In “Under the Tuscan Sun,” the movie offers a stunning wardrobe and costume design, flaunts the majesties and tasteful culture of Italy and its villas, and fits in a multitude of purpose-fulfilling lessons in between. I wouldn’t have appreciated all of this beauty (and be able to write about it to you guys) if my friends had fed me the final answer I was persistently asking for. God knows when to give us our answer – and we should be sure and trusting that we can be thankful in the storm.

I encourage you to – think into it; find ways to truly appreciate the experiences that are shaping you (painful or not!), rather than relying on the end goal to make you. XOXO

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  1. Kat

    Jessi–I love how open and transparent you are. And I love your Darling Days series and how you are definitely making me be more introspective. My career in business and marketing has made me respect the necessity for process, and it’s no different in one’s personal life! We need to enjoy/respect/acknowledge/savor every step of the way!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw, so happy you enjoy the transparency. That is my goal! Savoring and enjoying every step of the way is right! XO – Jessi

  2. Jalisa

    Wow, all I can say is…wow. I honestly feel as though you were talking to me and my current situation, girl. A s a fellow Christian, I often doubt and question God on what His exact intentions are of what He’s doing in and with my life. I’m the forceful type that likes to be in control and so for me, waiting often feels unbearable. I’ve been going through a lot these past couple of months, well, actually past year, and your words couldn’t have come at a better time as I’ve been so stressed and overwhelmed lately, so thank you 🙂 I hope you have the most amazing day, beautiful!



    1. Jalisa-

      Ohhh I am so happy it speaks to you as well! It’s definitely a lesson that never stops… ever and a hard one to learn and simply… trust! Good luck with the process. The first step is just knowing and acknowledging it! Amazing!!

      With love — Jess

  3. Diane

    Wow!!! Talk about a God thing, I really needed this today. Bless you 🙂

  4. Grace

    Hi Jessi,

    I absolutely love your “life” posts. They are so insightful and thought-provoking. Is the Utmost Devotional what you use daily? My friend and I are looking for a great devotional and/or bible study to follow!

    Thanks & keep up the amazing work,
    Grace <3

    1. Hi Grace!

      First, love your name 🙂 and I’m so glad you love them. Absolutely love writing about inspiration in the midst of all the fashion 🙂

      1. FAVORITE, hands down best ever: Jesus Calling (if you don’t have it already – get it off amazon! The book version is better than the app)
      2. New Day New You (get the app)
      3. My Utmost For High Highest is the name of the one I referred to today!(get the app)
      4. Pinterest – not a devotional but I spend quite a lot of time on pinterest looking for verses, there is SO much amazing content on there and it’s beautiful too!

      I hope this helps! Thanks so much for the kudos 🙂
      XOX Jessi

  5. Rachel

    This is so well put, Jessi! I just had a conversation about this the other day — constantly thinking of the end goal instead of just enjoying the process. I think having trust and faith in God, knowing that he will give you the answer when the time is right is something that is so important to remember. Even if it’s difficult!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

    1. Ohhh love that you were just talking about this! We’ve been talking about it a lot as well — and yes, it can be so difficult!

      XO Jessi

  6. Robin Paris

    Incredible insights, my dear. And oh, so true. The old saying was “stop and smell the roses”. This is so much more!
    I appreciate your Darling Days, and look forward to them. Love & blessings.

    1. Ohhhh stop and smell the roses – I love love love that!

      Thank you thank you! XOXO Jessi

  7. Leftbankgirl

    Love this post! Everyone seems so impatient these days, we need to slow down and enjoy the ride, the movie or the day. Great reminder!

  8. BOnnie

    Hi Jessi! Great post!
    Life is the journey!
    Glad you liked the movie. I do too. Some good lessons no doubt. But don’t want to do a spoiler and say any more. Love your seeking/searching.
    Seek and you will find!
    Love you!
    Keep on sharing!

  9. Christine Boothby

    Preach! I often forget that it’s the journey rather than the end destination that creates a life worth living. Whether it’s the boy that broke my heart or the move from one city to another or the promotion I’m working toward, when I look back I’ll know it made me better 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Also going to check out Utmost Devotional

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