Talking Beauty with Ulta Beauty

I’ve never been a big makeup girl. 

But that all changed with the growth of my business. Getting photoshoot-ready on the daily has definitely changed my routine, spruced up my make-up skills, taught me a thing or two about the world of makeup, and opened up my eyes to a whole new form of … you-can-call-it … art! Pre-blogger world, I hadn’t spent much time in an ULTA – now I can’t live without the online shiny storefront.

As one of the stores that holds most of the necessities I use in my makeup bag (find my everyday routine), ULTA is the one-stop shop I can’t stop coming back to. Now if you asked me how I prefer my makeup, I’ll tell you “au natural,” but that doesn’t mean I don’t support getting dressed up, made up, and dazzled every once in a while. So what’s the deal with all the dollars? Yep – I agree – it gets expensive, and the bills start to add up once you dive deep into the world of maquillage (that’s French for makeup – btw). So, I try to keep things low price as much as I can (for example: swapping L’Oreal mascara for my favorite Lancome mascara works like a charm and saves almost $30 a pop). As you know, I’m all about finding good quality steals, so I of course was elated after learning more about ULTA’s (affordable) Beauty Cosmetics line. My favorite part? The mix and match eye shadow palette where you can customize your shades and pick out of a million customizable colors. When it comes to shadows, I’m all about neutral tones, so I was quick to pull out my favorite pastel pinks and browns out of ULTA’s multitude of shades. What else am I loving? ULTA’s Shiny Sheer lip gloss, their makeup removing towelettes (I always keep one of these babies in my car, in my travel carry-on, and at my office desk at all times), as well as their Brightening Vitamin C Body Scrub (brought this baby to the beach with me this week!). Be sure to check out the ULTA Beauty Collection  here, and I hope you like our glammed-up makeup photos! Shoutout to my brother, Jordan Afshin, for nailing such a darling shoot.

Thank you, Ulta, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

Photos by Jordan Afshin

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  1. Tabitha

    Great post! I love Ulta! I could live in there i’m afraid and spend all my money. I love their variety of makeup and other beauty products too that I can’t find in other stores. Also, Your makeup is gorgeous and I hope you do a video soon on it.


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