New York City Bound


Aug 16

This week, I’m Big Apple bound.

I’m not sure if I’ve written about this before, but if you asked me what I’d be doing in 5 years when I was in college — I’d confidently let you now that I was soon-to-be-headed to the Big Apple to work in fashion — and I wasn’t coming back. Going to college at the University of Texas in Fashion, my mind was set on [we could call it] hustling in the fashion industry in NYC, doing what all the fashion girls do, taking yellow taxi cabs *having a carrie bradshaw moment right here right now*, probably working 2,123 jobs, eating Ramen that I probably wouldn’t know I was allergic to (side smile), and living that big city life.

But ha: welcome to life. Plans change, life happens and everything you thought you’d be doing may look a whole lot different from where you actually are. Now, surrounded by an uplifting community, family, owning my own business, a team, and a pup — and living a Austin-esque comfortable and active lifestyle, I feel so blessed that God interrupted my stubborn plans and challenged me by giving me something even better: you guys (He does that, doesn’t he?)! My story is a great testament that you shouldn’t panic if things aren’t looking how you thought they would (things were definitely not *glamorous* and a happy ending seemed far away at first). But I’m off subject, having a soft gushy moment here so … let’s get back to the Big Apple.

I have to say, I can’t wait to hop, skip, and leap over.

I’m so excited to be heading on over to New York City with the University of Texas for Iris Apfel‘s (if you don’t know who the most famous 95-year-old fashion icon is — you have to e-meet her; click here and here) notorious UT in NYC class. I went as a junior in college and moments of touring Kate Spade’s office (unreal), J. Crew HQ, Bergdorf Goodman (holiday windows anyone?!), and walking through the streets with Iris Apfel simply never leave your memory. This class at UT is extremely exclusive, as only 14 juniors and seniors get accepted after an interview and application process. My professors, Iris Apfel, Nancy Prideaux and Sara Stevens, bring together a skill set of students from a variety of backgrounds who each have something to offer. This year — I’m heading to the visits with the students as a proud alumna (y’all – SO sappy right now – I’m so proud to be a Longhorn) and capture the moments via The Darling Detail to give you guys a look-see into what it’s like to be a Longhorn studying fashion. Be sure to follow along starting this Thursday through Tuesday to see what I’m up to. I’m not attending all the visits because I still have The Darling Detail work to be done, but I promise it’ll be a fun ride.

There’s a fun little giveaway happening here tomorrow — so be sure to pop on over!

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  1. Tabitha

    How excited you must be! I never studied fashion (kicking myself that I didn’t) but I’m slowly getting back into it, and NYC is a dream to visit for me. One day!


  2. Jennifer

    Love those Hinge sandals!!

  3. Courtney Mast

    Love love everything you post! Where did you buy your necklaces? I’ve looked everywhere to try to see if you linked it but I can’t find it!

  4. Joie M Gahum

    I love the look! My favorite would be the black top shop top with the pink bag. But I would wear something from Cicihot for the shoes just to blend in and feel the vibe in New York.

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