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It’s a whole new world. 

What world? The world of investment pieces. Let’s start here: just the word *designer* is daunting to me. I can’t say I spend too much time in the designer aisles of any store – mainly just because I’m a 20-something who started this blog off thrift store + Zara finds. But that all changed this week when I realized some of my favorite pieces are…designer.

Of course, first is the price tag, which is again – daunting. I’m a fast-fashion lover (which means fast trends, pieces that may not stick from one season to another), and the price tags on fast fashion are definitely more…welcoming, to say the least.

But here’s the catch when it comes to investment pieces:

The Return on Investment. And Quality. When it comes to designer pieces, the price tags match the quality. Since I’m quite the discerning designer shopper myself, I’m not familiar with too many high-end brands. But if I had to pick the favorite that I already incorporate into my everyday wear, Chloe and Rag & Bone take the expensive cake. Specifically at Nordstrom – these two brands have been some of the only designer brands I’ve ever owned (aside from some vintage finds I may have found in college). Staying true to my small past of designer brands, in today’s post, I  threw on my favorite Rag & Bone denim, ordered my very first Rag & Bone poncho from Nordstrom (the classiness is perfection), and went for a smaller, more everyday Chloe (less expensive than the other Chloe bags I usually feature on here).

This outfit? I’m smitten. It reminds me of something a *very*important* fashionable-but-incredibly-smart-business-woman would wear on a business trip in London out for drinks. Did I take that too far? To be honest, I personally think my imagination is right on track and I couldn’t adore this Nordstrom head-to-toe outfit more. One that timelessly lasts in your closet, year-over-year, season-over-season. That’s the quality you pay for, when talking designer. Who are your favorite designers when it comes to an investment staple piece?

XO – Jessi

Thank you, Nordstrom, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Photos by Jordan Afshin

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  1. Tabitha

    Great post! I agree with the notion that you get what you pay for, and investing in some high quality, timeless pieces definitely make a difference. Although I still find it cringing to pay over a $100 for anything, lol! Also, lovely outfit! It’s a classic timeless look.


  2. Mary-Katherine

    I really love this look and I don’t think your imagination was too far off 😉

    I’m only starting to get into the designer world in the past year or so. Until you’ve really figured out your style it’s hard to justify investing in designer and my early twenties were that time of experimentation. Now that I have a better grasp on what I like and what I will actually get use out of for years to come, I’ve started to make the plunge here and there. I wish they weren’t my favorites (because they also happen to be some of the most expensive) but Chanel and Gucci really do it for me. I’ve literally never put a more comfortable shoe on my foot than my Gucci loafers and my Chanel bag makes even the simplest outfit look really chic – so for me it’s been worth the investment (plus I shopped smart and was able to get deals on both!)

    xo Mary-Katherine

  3. Caryn Hanan

    Nice post. Need to fix spelling of isles…it’s aisles.

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