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Jun 29

love yourself

I know what you’re thinking: okay, Justin Bieber. Yes, we’ve heard the (sort of mean?) song over and over again on the radio — which seems to admittedly kind of haunt my single ears every time it comes on the dial. And although the words he’s singing to our ears are a bit invasive, there is a greater and wiser lesson here, little JB.

Love yourself is one of the toughest 20-something lessons we are faced with to learn, and newsflash: it doesn’t and will never end. So instead of completely ignoring the rest of this post and deciding that this sounds narcissistic, I encourage you to dig deeper into yourself and learn what it truly means to love yourself.

In my past, I continually lived for everyone else – and loved and served everyone else, over myself. In other words, what everyone else thought mattered what more than what I thought myself. Now – don’t get me wrong, loving others and spreading God’s love is our number 2 command, after loving God himself. However — letting others’ opinion of you dominate you and your thoughts can lead you down a nasty path that I think we all fall victim to (possibly daily, weekly, monthly, time and time again).  So how do you get there?  Let me tell you what has worked for me:

  1. Take a break from social media. This year I recently deleted my Facebook app from my phone. Although I work on instagram, I choose not to look through my feed between 9-5pm. Social media isn’t a bad thing if we don’t let it get the best of us. Setting boundaries is always a good idea.
  2. Don’t follow the status quo. One of the hardest things I’ve learned post-college is you don’t have to go out (drinking or non drinking) to have fun. Some of my favorite nights have nothing to do with anyone else – but have everything to do with an Anthro candle (this ONE), a great book (read. this. one.), and some flowers (pink peonies at Trader Joes, anyone?).
  3. Date yourself. I know I sound like a broken record here — but when people told me this after getting out of a 5-year relationship, I remember thinking, “HA! That’s funny – K so, how does this dating app thing work?” Yeah, no — little did I know that God had plans for me and they went a little something like this: s i n g l e. Meet yourself in the middle of the mess — it’s in the uncomfortable situations where we truly find ourselves.
  4. Dress yourself! This is why I am a fashion blogger, and this is why I love what I do. The way you dress is your message to not only the outside world, but to yourself. Make yourself feel comfortable. If you’re not comfortable in that short dress or low cut shirt, throw on a pair of jeans, sneaks, and a tee. Comfort matters and affects self-confidence. Choose wisely. 
  5. Treat yourself. Get the sleep you deserve; you are a hard worker and rest is important. When you exercise or diet, be sure to also give yourself a break from both of those things — your body can only take so much. Eat the donut, because I promise you’ll still want the donut the weekend after. And that way it doesn’t turn into a i-want-a-donut-and-can-only-think-about-donuts-habit. You deserve a pat on the back from yourself. We spend too much time being hard on ourselves when, hey, we’re all doing a great job. You go girl. 

I love my blog, and I love what I do. But I found that I was missing a purpose beyond the clothes. Thus, part of my “loving myself” inspired the idea of sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned with you all … on this amazing platform God has given me (TDD!). So I’d like you to meet “Darling Days” — my new Wednesday blurb where I’ll write about life, incorporate fashion, talk about faith (meet my boyfriend Jesus – laughing, but not joking here), and add in cute pinterest quotes and ideas to make you feel a little more like you .. and someone you can really love. XO

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  1. Courtney

    I love this and I totally agree!! Loving yourself is key to so much in life! Great post babe! Especially liked the tips 🙂

  2. KAT

    I love this post! You are so right. It all comes down to purpose–and being happy with who you are, despite what anyone else thinks! Love this new series–keep going!

  3. CuteBrandiK

    I love your post! It is so genuine and you make great points! I too, am hard on myself! I need to remind myself that I am doing great and to never give up on my goals. I love how you mention God. <3 I need to try my best to leave my worries in his hands. Thanks for sharing XoXo!

  4. stylemelauren

    Absolutely love this post!! I always feel pressure to be on my phone and commenting, etc etc. Such a good idea to plan your time when you’re on it and when you’re not. Also – sleep. So freaking key. That’s the best thing to take care of your body! Love this post girlfriend! XO


  5. Robin Paris

    Lovely, Jess. Just such good ideas for ladies of any age… not just girls in their 20’s. Makes me step back and think: How much of what I do is for someone else? Where is the balance?
    Blessings, girlie! You’re hot hot hot!!!

  6. Bonnie

    Great idea to include an inspirational day on hump day!! I look forward to your reads!

  7. Corbin

    Loved this post and am so excited to read more. I relate to this as well as EVERYONE told me to do the same after I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. It’s still hard, but I’ve finally started to settle into the thought of being single and being okay. It still hurts to think about that relationship but I know that seeking God will help ease that pain each and every day. Thanks for sharing Jessi!

    XO Corbin Tate

  8. Michelle Joseph

    Love this post. I recently abstained from all secular entertainment for a while to focus on my relationship with God and I feel much better for it. It was like a spiritual detox.

    Mich x

  9. Rachel

    DATE YOURSELF! That’s my favorite and something that I’ve stuck to through the last two years of college and even now that I’ve graduated! It’s important to focus on yourself and to realize that you don’t need to be dating someone all the time!

    Rachel /

  10. Jodene

    I love this post. I’m loving myself and focusing on myself. Everything in moderation is the key.

  11. Beth

    Best post I’ve ever read! And I loved that book! I read it two years ago when I was in an inpatient hospital for anorexia and it helped so much. Much love to you!

  12. emily dong

    I love that you’re getting more personal on your blog!! It makes it feel more personal and unique. I recently started trying to get more personal on my blog too and created an advice tab as well if you want to check it out 🙂

    1. Yayyyyy – personal and unique is so important so I’m so glad! And congratulations to you for getting more personal as well! Let’s keep spreading the love and positivity! XOX Jessi

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