How I Maintain my Summer Tan & My Coconut Skincare Favorites

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How I maintain a summer bronzed glow is my #1 frequently asked question.

My answer? It’s all in the coconut.

Enter Kopari – a divinely delicious smelling, absolutely darling packaged, it-list gotta-have-it, smother-it-all-over kind of summer coconut oil line. This one’s dedicated to treating your skin with nothing but the best – purest – and absolutely addicting coconut blends. Kopari is a brand focused on all things scrumptiously coconut, uplifting women, products that use purest and finest natural products (no sulfates, no GMOs, no toxins, no parabens – nada), and dousing your skin in a coconut kind of confidence. 

Here’s the deal: Today I’m talking about my favorite coconut-based products. This is not my facial skincare routine as you girls already know that one; this one’s dedicated to healthy and natural *body care.* I’m diving into Kopari’s natural deodorant, their absolutely addicting [organic] melt that works as a hair mask, makeup remover, eye cream, bath bomb and more. I’ll also be talking about the product I live by to keep my summer tan and glow + there’s a coconut lip gloss that moisturizes up your summer smooches. This isn’t facial care, but it is summer skincare. So lez go: 

Here’s How I Maintain my Summer Tan:

To answer my most-asked FAQ – I do have to give a bit to genetics: I am half Persian and I tan quickly (thanks pops), but that doesn’t mean I don’t work at it. Here are my insider tips for maintaining a natural summer tan:

  1. I lay out 1-3 times a week – routinely during spring and summer. I use pretty heavy sunscreen on my face (and usually a hat) and a lightweight sunscreen + a tanning oil on my body. 
  2. Directly after laying out, I moisturize by spritzing the body oil spray that I review below (keep reading for more info).
  3. In the morning, I moisturize my entire body with the body oil spray that I review below (keep reading for more info).
  4. At night, I moisturize by lathering on the Kopari Coconut melt (more info below – it is divine), getting in comfy sweats or joggers and cuddling up in all the oils.
  5. Repeatttttt, coconut cuties.

The Tanning Necessities:

The Kopari Body Oil Spray – This is the g-0-o-d stuff. I can’t live without it; it’s a coconut dry oil that you can spray on your skin and it soaks up instantly.  A lot of coconut oils can have you feeling greasy or messy – but not this stuff. Spray it on those legs to get rid of those ashy knees, or lather it on all over to keep up that summer glow. I don’t go a day without it in the morning and it doesn’t get all over my clothes, couches or seats. It’s a sweet morning treat!

The All-in-One Organic Coconut Melt – Meet the holy grail of all coconut oils and the most multi-purposeful jar of goodness. It’s straight up coconut oil – the purest of the pure and it does. it. all. and smells outrageously delicious. Under-eye corrector? Just a little is all you need to shy away from dark circles. Makeup remover? This one’s it. Maintain your tan after the shower? Lather it up. Want a bath bomb? Throw it in your bath. Looking for a hair mask? Apply to hair and sleep on it. Dry shave oil? You got it. There’s a million ways to use this product and it’s been a key secret to keeping a glowing summer tan. I use this melt for all of the above — but specifically, I lather it up before bed to make sure my skin stays moisturized and my natural tan doesn’t flake away. Sure, you can purchase coconut oil at the grocery stores in a big ‘ole tub – which is what I used to use before falling in love with Kopari — but it doesn’t smell as delicious as this tub of goodness. 

The Other Kopari Skincare Products I Can’t Get Enough of:

The Deodorant with no chemicals – my mom has been preaching natural deodorants since I can remember and I never hopped on…until this one. This natural deodorant by Kopari smells so good (i.e., fresh coconut milk – glorious) – sans all the yucky chemicals and aluminum free. I’ve tried a million natural deodorants and none have done the trick – but this one isn’t sticky, smells like coconuts and doesn’t show on clothes. I wear this deodorant when I know I’ll be inside (aka not shooting in 100 degrees) and not a lot of sweating is happening – because: it’s good for me! I can’t sell this stuff enough! Texas: I would suggest re-applying throughout intense heat, but this is great for days spent inside with AC or light weather.

The Coconut Rose Toner – not photographed on this post – but loved by many and myself. You can use this witch hazel infused natural toner to tone, set makeup, refresh throughout the day and more. I love that you can spritz before and after makeup – freshening up your face or locking your makeup into place. Plus – it smells divine.

The Lip Gloss that is absolutely delicious – enter the coconut lip glossy. Shea butter and coconut melt together to glide over and pucker up those dry summer lips. I have a really bad problem with my lips getting burnt in the sun; so I re-apply this addictive coconut lip glossy *all day long.* I swear by this stuff: it’s a great small gift and one that every gal’s gotta have.

Let’s Take a Compliment:

Kopari’s motto is all about encouraging women to take a compliment. Not just give one – but take one and I’m all about encouragement. As a lot of you girls know, I recently started an encouragement and faith-based account called @my_darling_diary on Instagram – I truly didn’t expect anything from the account; but the amount of encouragement, love and support these followers and readers have expressed is overwhelmingly kind. Taking a compliment is important to me (not just giving one; but appreciating it and letting all the feels feel in) – and it’s important to Kopari. So shoutout to my girls who pay the compliments and I’ll send them right back. I appreciate all of you to pieces! I truly adore Kopari’s motto of taking a compliment – and hope to spread the encouragement and love within all my channels.

P.S. Did you see that Kopari can automatically ship every month, 2 months or 3 months with free shipping? 🙂

Be sure to mouse on through my favorite coconut products below! XO

Thank you, Kopari, for sponsoring this post; all opinions are my own.

Photos by Divina Stennfeld

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