Hello 2017! 10 “New Year, New You” Tips

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Hello, beauties!

I hope you all are as excited as I am about welcoming 2017 with big wide open arms. Normally I do a New Year’s Eve Resolution post — but since I’m still giving those a think (yes, this girl tends to overthink), I decided to do a fun little 10 self-help things round-up. So here goes:

  1. It’s January: so what does that mean? Cleaning out e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is top of mind. My task? Cleaning out the closet (I write that like cleaning out the closet is daunting because… well it is). One of my most popular posts of 2016 was “How to Clean Out Your Closet” found here, where I explain my method and the thought process behind it (because LBH, if you’re a clothes lover like me, there are some emotional bonds there). This week, I plan on giving away all of the clothes I no longer wear to charity. If you are in Austin and have any favorite charities or organizations for donating clothes, please comment below. Would love to hear your recommendations.
  2. This year, since my resolutions are taking a while — I decided last night to make a (handwritten) list of all of the things I did accomplish in 2016. I believe that oftentimes we skip forward and think too much into the future, without rewarding ourselves for the small victories of the past. In my eyes, 2016 was an incredible year of growth — and giving myself a little pat on the back for the accomplishments was long overdue.
  3. Okay, this is that month where we all decide to work out, work out, and work out again, right? Although I’m still in a resting stage and I can’t go back to working out in full force (read more about it here), I am slowly, but surely, incorporating getting active back into my schedule. Find my workout routine from 2016 here — which got me in the best shape I have ever been in.
  4. Snap me! Since I’ve had a bit more free time recently, I’ve been getting on snapchat more than usual and chatting with you guys about everyday life hacks, trips, tricks, and silly things Chloe does ( 😛 ) all week. Add me on snapchat at: jessiafshin.
  5. There’s something about the new year that has me hopping on pinterest more than ever. The boards are filled with self-help words, quotes, verses, and phrases — and the pages are thick with style and cooking inspiration. Follow me on pinterest, here.
  6. One of my favorite gifts this year was this laptop case, and I’m so in love with the sleek and minimal design that I just had to share. Also, the price tag. And who doesn’t love Amazon? Santa brought it in pink, but personally, I love all the colors!
  7. I try to start my mornings out with quiet time — since I am such a Jesus girl, and recently I’ve been snapping a passage from Jesus Calling to instagram story and snapchat. I’ve had so many of you guys ask what book I’ve been sharing — so I wanted to include a link to my favorite morning devotional here.
  8. There’s something about a new year that has us thinking about decor, interiors, and changing things up. My living room post was one of my most popular all year — find it here!
  9. I’ve talked to some of you girls on snapchat about my constant breakouts and how I’ve been fighting them. My solutions? 1. Cut out all dairy 2. Use all probiotic products (moisturizer and face wash) from Tula 3. Drink more water 4. Eat a whole lot of avocado 5. Use bare minerals powder instead of foundation (if you want to see my whole makeup routine, Courtney from BYOBeauty taught me — find her beauty videos and how-tos here). I also stumbled upon this article on how Kendall Jenner does her au natural spot treatments here — I’m excited to try it!
  10. Again — it’s that time of year: health + workout are top of mind. I’m rounding up my favorite workout pieces and gear below. Enjoy!

Merry 2017, darlings. XOXO


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  1. Vanessa @ Living in Steil

    I’m still working on my goals and intentions for 2017, too! Loved this recap that you shared. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017!


  2. Jessica

    These photos are soooooo gorgeous ! I love the glitter andddd that feathered top is to die for <3 Also great tips of course girl ! I too haven't come up with this years resolutions yet lol , maybe one of these days I will come up with some… hopefully anyways ! Haha Happy New Year !


  3. Amber Shannon

    Happy New Year girly!!

    Love your start of 2017 thoughts!!

    I have totally been eating more avocado because of your Snapchat, haha! And thanks for the tip about how to take an aerial shot of food. Definitely upped my food shoot game!

    All the Cute

  4. Whitney Anderson

    Since you are very health conscious and have allergies, you might want to look into Alima Pure. They have very similar powder foundation to Bare Minerals, but without the nanoparticles. 🙂

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