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I’ve always been a girl on a budget.

You girls know – especially because * most * of us are high schoolers, college gals, or young professionals who are always scavenging for those fab pieces that fit right into our wardrobes without spending the extra dollar. Being an avid saver myself (one of the reasons I was able to take my blog full-time at age 22), I’m always looking for those pieces that are still high in quality, but don’t break the budget. After graduating from relentlessly rummaging through the racks of the budget retailers (cough cough, those ones that make you feel like you want to pass out), I’ve tailored new shopping patterns and new shopping rules that help keep a girl in her 20s on track.

First – if you’re going to splurge, reach for the stars – but only do it for your favorite accessories. I’ve come to find that as millennials, we constantly crave new and fresh pieces on a regular basis. And yes, that means after that one or two wears of that very-floral dress, you can say “au revoir” cause we are already #overit. Which is why investments should happen when there is a whole lot of ROI! Yes, I did just say * return on investment * in a blog post. I did! We are the “see it, buy it” generation – so we want lots of things, and we want them n-o-w. That’s why it’s important we take it easy on larger splurges. My favorite investments of the season are these reflected sunglasses by Dior (expensive, but they most definitely have earned their ROI), these shoes by Calvin Klein (breaking the over $100 dollar barrier, but so comfortable!), and this fringe bag by Rebecca Minkoff (yes, this baby definitely earned lots of fabulous wear).

So you’re thinking … what about the trendy clothes? We need our trendy clothes! Keep it under $100, girlfran. These distressed jeans are the perfect examples of trendy clothes that shouldn’t peak over $100. Why? You will wear them this fall and winter, and you will love them – but the second distressed denim and the 90’s is “so yesterday,” and these jeans will be too. Next time you think about investing in a trendy purchase, ask yourself – is this a timeless staple that will last more than 3 seasons? Your wallet is already happier with you! Am I hating on trendy purchases in any way, shape or form? No way! I’m a huge fan of all of these trendy girls. However, I do think it’s important to not break your budget when it comes to getting sucked into trends. Making these under $100 jeans the perfect go-to.

Next, it’s all about the staples. This blouse by Topshop is the perfect example of a staple that is worth pulling the trigger on. Of course, it is under the $100 threshold, but it’s also a basic that will n-e-v-e-r go out of style. Wear your heart out of it this fall and winter, and break it out again next year. A timeless button-down blouse will provide lots of effortless chic wear for months to come. Be sure to mouse on over to my “basics” shop section to see the kinds of staples I’m pulling the trigger on this fall.

How do you maintain shopping on a budget? Would love to hear your personal tips and tricks! XO 

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  1. Danielle

    Your blog is beautiful! Really loving it! This outfit is so nice! Casual and stylish and you look gorgeous!!! I know it can be hard on a budget but I just only buy a few things that will last and that I absolutely love each season!


  2. Rachel

    Such a great post! I totally agree about keeping trendy pieces under $100 and investing in classics, like your fabulous sunglasses! Love the slouchy top too — black and white is such a great combination!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

  3. Keeping pieces under the $100 mark is a great rule! I typically get bored with my wardrobe after 2 seasons, so stores like H&M are my go-to for items that I will love through the summer and fall. Then for timeless pieces, I’m all about splurging!

  4. I’m right there with ya! Shoes and bags I’ll splurge on, but trendy clothes I try to keep the cost down so I don’t feel bad if my price per wear isn’t equaling close to nothing!

    C’s Collection |

  5. I agreed that there are certain items to splurge on ! love the distressed white denim ! white denim is a staple for sure !


  6. Connie

    Great advice. I like your cynicism/realism!!

  7. Katrina

    Love this post! I live by this philosophy every time I’m shopping! Great advice.

    Katrina |

  8. ISA Professional

    We are loving your whole look here, especially those beautiful sunglasses! Your pictures are also lovely!

    ISA Professional

  9. Teah

    Love your blog! I manage to shop on a budget by knowing when to shop for the best sales and often shopping off season. By shopping off season, you save a ton on pieces that you will need for the next season when it arrives. I shop the clearance racks and love outlet stores to find great work pieces (Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, LOFT and Off 5th Avenue). I tend to spend more on shoes, boots and purses, but save on more trendy pieces, especially summer clothing.

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