Faith Diaries: Finding Balance

I love to travel, but that doesn’t take away my love to just simply stay home. 

I love running after goals, but that doesn’t speed-bump my need to take time to stop and rest. I’m darling to posting on social media, but that can’t influence me into not living my life in the now. I love owning a business, but that can’t take away from prioritizing my family and relationship with the Lord. I may sometimes fear what others think, but that shouldn’t withhold me from fearing God first.

I understand my need to feel loved by others but that doesn’t quench my thirst to spend time alone with Jesus. I love writing about buying new clothes, but that will never ever fulfill the void of writing about what doesn’t cost a thing and never sells out: Jesus. 

Let’s not get caught up in the secular cycle of what the world wants versus what God wants for us. You will never influence the world by being just…like…it.

Which one of the above do you relate to most?


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  1. Rishnie

    Love this! Specifically, ‘You will never influence the world by being just…like…it.’

  2. Tabitha

    This is beautiful! I love your faith diaries and how refreshing it is to read. I especially relate to finding rest among my business!


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