Denim Review: My Favorite Jeans & Why

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It’s time to talk denim details. 

I order a lot of denim: high-end, high-waisted, under $50, stretchy, distressed, you name it – a lot of jeans come in and out the doors of The Darling Detail office for one reason: I’m a tough critic and there’s a long checklist of requirements. Because in my book – comfort is #1, and if I’m going to invest in a pair of jeans – I want to feel confident, comfortable, and chic in my new pair of skinnies. Since I’ve tried on so many pairs, I’ve not only sent a lot of these babies back – but also swooned and crushed over some major favorites. So I’m going to break it down for you – from every price point, to every wash and waist – here’s what I’ve got.

Look 1: LEVI’S – the perfect middle ground

Levi’s. The jeans that made the ultimate come-back from total #mom jeans to total #trend alert. The price points are usually under $100, but not too low to question the quality. Every Levi’s pair is made differently, but my two favorite pairs are flattering and fit my frame well. You can find my favorite light wash pair (that I’m wearing above) here. And you can find my favorite dark-wash Levi’s here. Major heart eyes for my favorite Levi’s, friends.


Look 2: Your favorite everyday skinnies: the high-quality jeans that will last you forever by Rag & Bone

I’ve owned this pair of denim for over two years now, and I can’t get enough. My favorite part about these skinny jeans is how flattering, slimming, and shaping these jeans are. The quality is exceptional (lasting 2 years for the amount of wear I give these babies is *a lot*). I also love the chic, sleek, high-quality look these skinny jeans give each and every outfit. You can find my favorite pair of high-quality basic skinny dark denim by Rag & Bone here.


Look 3: Under $65 Distressed by BP

BP takes the cake for best under-$100 skinny jeans with the best quality. These trendy distressed jeans are priced at $65 and are a good match if you’re looking for a less expensive pair that will give you lots of wear–and also are comfortable! I’m also a fan of BP’s Distressed Fray Hem Skinny Jeans.


Look 4: Lightwash skinnies you’ll want to wear every day in spring by FRAME

Frame Denim is also a favorite high-quality designer brand, shaping up your legs with flattering fits and extensive wear. This light wash is the perfect wash for spring-to-summer wear. I wear this pair of denim all year along, but it’s especially a favorite for spring to summer lightweight everyday wear.


Look 5: Good American. Expensive but so good.

Good American is a actually a brand started by Chloe Kardashian for women with curves, and I actually fell in love with the brand before I found out the story behind the founder. These trendy jeans have a great fit made for the everyday “American” – and fit all kinds of body types.

Photos by Jordan Afshin

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  1. Tabitha

    Great post! Finding the right pair of denim is so important for me because I wear my jeans for years. I always buy my pair at Hollister and land their sale prices. I had no clue Kim Kardashian started a jean brand! I’ll have to check that out.


  2. Jennifer

    Love Levi’s! I’d love a pair of Rag & Bone ones though. They are a bit out of my price range but if they last, I will pay more money for them!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. Maureen

    Love this post! Jeans are hard to shop for and getting some feedback on how it really fits and details of quality is very informative and helpful.

    Maureen |

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