Cozy Chic in All Neutrals

“Why are you so obsessed with neutrals?” you ask.

Or maybe you didn’t. But I’ll tell you anyway.

If you scroll through the pages of this blog way on to almost 5 years ago, you’re going to get a lot of naturals. Why? Versatility. I love that word so much because it’s one that doesn’t break the bank. It means that it saves you dollar signs, and if you can find one single way to save money in fast fashion (aside from buying cheap – which isn’t worth it in the long run), I betcha it’s through buying neutrals. They’re the easiest to pair, the most simple to swap, they’re timeless – meaning neutrals never go out of style or will never find themselves in the category of:  passé. They’re here to stay and they’re here to make your closet easier, and more wearable, time and time again, year over year, season after season.

In today’s post, I partnered up with Nordstrom to talk neutrals. The piece I wanted to specifically highlight is this cozy, oversized, warm neutral sweater that has a pocket in it (which comes in *extremely handy* if you ask me). I styled the sweater underneath a favorite coat that I scored from Nordstrom last year (which is now sold out), so I found a similar in stock version here and here. Since it’s extra cold here in good ole’ Tejas, I layered up the neutral look with my must-have accessory for this year: the Free People Kolby brushed scarf (so cozy, so warm, so long, so chic – you get the point) – basically the most trendy piece you could score yourself before winter is so yesterday. Add in black booties, Topshop denim ($70!, order a size up; these babies run small) – this outfit yells neutral trends and I’m all in. Find this entire look at Nordstrom, my favorite one-stop shop for all things trendy. Find the rest of their goodies here and below. XO

Photos by Jordan Afshin

Thank you, Nordstrom, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Tabitha

    Love this look! It’s that classic, chic look that’s not overly trendy but timeless. That’s why I love neutrals because they never go out of style.


  2. Kate

    I love my mom to death, but she does not understand the power of neutrals. In fact, her wardrobe lacks it so incredibly much. I describe her as a box of crayons. If she sees a top she likes, you better believe she’s going to pick out the aqua blue shade and wear it with her aqua blue pants. In her mind in matches. However, I beg to differ.

  3. Maureen

    Neutrals are awesome. They are so easy to wear and style and I am loving this sweater you wore here. Not only does it look cozy, it has pockets! That’s like clothing accessory heaven!

    Maureen |

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