Bahamas Travel Diary


Jun 20

If you follow on instagram, you’ve probably seen how in love we are with The Bahamas.

Have you guys been? It’s magical.  Every time I go I feel like I come back a different person…

Here’s why:

  1. The people. I don’t think I’ve ever traveled to a place with more beautiful locals – inside and out. It’s safe to say that my family and I have made friends with a good number of the Bahamians. The people around the islands are some of the sweetest, most welcoming, and happiest people I’ve ever met – and the kindness is contagious. We all need more of that, don’t we?
  2. The water. Turquoise waters is an understatement when you feel like you’re floating in heaven. I spent most the trip swimming in the ocean and even opening my eyes underneath the water (probably not too healthy, but hey #yolo).
  3. The weather. We were anticipating a big tropical storm when we went – and instead all we were blessed with was blue skies and a couple of showers at night. I saw my first double rainbow last week (such a God-given experience) and it was such a blessing. You’re pretty much guaranteed gorgeous weather, even in the midst of hurricane season.
  4. The sands. White sandy beaches, you got it! We love shooting here for blog posts since the backdrop is so flawlessly effortless.
  5. Exuma Islands. It was our first trip to see one of the many Exuma Islands and it definitely won’t be our last. If you’re looking for heaven on earth –you can find it on Exuma! (Plus you can also feed pigs who like to run in water too – not a bad package deal!)

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  1. Kacie

    Such cute looks!! Love seeing beach photos – its been YEARS since I saw the beach so I live vicariously through style bloggers’ vacations, haha! I’ve never been to the Bahamas but its definitely on my list of places to see!

    xoxo, Kacie

  2. Katelyn

    Great post! Love your dress.


    – Katelyn

  3. stylemelauren

    Ok seriously you are just the cutest ever!! I love all your suits and dresses…I want all of them!! XO


  4. Ashley Ciaccia

    Love all of the outfits and snaps you posted during your trip. Especially fond of the one pieces!! I’ve been to the bahamas once but sadly it rained the entire time. Guess that means i have to go back to try again 😉
    -ashley @

  5. Carey

    All of your outfits are so cute! Glad you had fun in the Bahamas!

  6. olia

    Beautiful!! Hope you’ll stop by my blog for the latest post & Giveaway!

    Love, Olia

  7. MaryEllen Jones

    I want the maxi dress with the orange top and light multi colored skirt! It is beautiful!

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