Bahamas Travel Diary

Our mother daughter trip to the Bahamas was a dream.

Right now, it’s my favorite spot on earth. The mix of the seriously see-through turquoise waters, the most gracious and loving people, with the endless excursions – I can’t help but fall head over heels everytime I visit. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: I love it so much, I may dream up a wedding there. So far, the Bahamas takes the cake for my favorite Carribean Island – but I’m not finished scoping the rest out. Regardless, I’ve gotten a lot of questions via Instagram about our trip, where we stayed, and what we did. So I thought I’d give you girls the low down below:

We stayed at the Melia on Cable Beach in Nassau. This  was the first time we stayed at Melia and I have mixed reviews. The good? The beach was stunning, the waters were the most beautiful I’ve seen on Nassau ever (close to Exuma waters), the sand was white, and the beach chairs and cabanas were beautiful. There’s also a private beach (that costs an extra $50 a day) that’s a part of Melia that’s even more beautiful than the very-beautiful hotel beach. We took so many shots at the Melia beach and the backdrop at the hotel was best I’ve ever had on a blog trip. There were little kittens running around at night, the people were so kind, and they grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on the beach during the day. They offered free kayaks, paddle boarding, snorkeling, floats, and water trampolines at the beach, and jet skiing was just next door. Our room was beautiful as well – not the nicest room I’ve ever stayed in, but just enough for the cherry on top of a great trip. Melia is an all inclusive hotel, so the non stop drinks and food were a plus and always helpful when we’re up early shooting beach looks. However, the food was not our favorite and I can’t brag it. The food was our least favorite part about the hotel – so it’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking for an all inclusive (to be fair – we didn’t try any of Melia’s specialty restaurants). The cleanliness wasn’t bad for an all inclusive either.

For dinner, our favorite spot was Blue Sail. It’s an Italian restaurant situated on the sea and it was every bit of chic, delicious and charming/romantic.

For excursions, we spent our time at Exuma Islands. We swam with the notorious Bahamas pigs and we swam with the sharks in Exuma. I’ve gotten tons of questions about which excursion we took – and I will not be able to give our excursion company name away because we were not satisfied with it. Swimming with the pigs was one of the silliest / most interesting experiences I’ve ever had on vacation and I would recommend it for the experience. It’s fast, bizarre, and just out of the ordinary, but my mom and I constantly look back at it and laugh about it. Swimming with the nurse sharks was the highlight of my trip and something I will never forget. Both of these are separate excursions you can find through the Exuma Islands, and there are tons of companies who provide these! I do not recommend the excursion that Melia Hotel promotes that combines the two (because of lack of communication, 4 hours of driving on cramped and uncomfortable boat, and bad food situations) – however, I recommend both activities individually. I want to be as transparent as possible about our trip, and I hope this helps!

You can find all of my spring break essentials above from this Bahama mama!

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  1. Jennifer

    It looks so gorgeous there! I’ve never been but I’d love to go! I’m sick of winter and could really use a trip someplace warm!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Natali

    You are such a lucky girl! Thank you for sharing with us! Loved all of your swimsuits and beach time outfits. 🙂

  3. Tabitha

    Great post! Just from looking at these pictures alone I want to visit. As a sea gal, anyplace with the ocean is a place for me.


  4. Kate

    So many cute swimsuits and dresses! I cannot wait for spring/summer weather

  5. HER. Boutique

    Looks and sounds like paradise! Obsessed with the blue striped bikini and white lace dress. Perfect outfits for the Caribbean!

  6. Morning Mountains

    you make me wanna fly to Bahama right away! i love each of these cute outfits! it was sunny over here last sunday and its supposed to get colder again. love your recap! x

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