“The Darling Detail, LLC is an Austin-based fashion and inspiration business designed to highlight on-trend, timeless, and everyday details. With a specific focus on fast fashion, encouragement, styled photography and relatable and reliable writing (whether it’s ministry based or fashion focused) – my team’s mission is to incorporate a chic, feminine and darling style with affordable, attainable and on-trend details (with a pop of luxury in between). We hope to inspire, encourage, and help other gals, girls and women to attain their own creative form of self confidence and everyday dress. ”


Jessi Afshin


Hello, darling! I am a 26-year-old business-owner, a writer, and a lover of all things darling based in Austin, TX. As a fashion merchandising/business major at the University of Texas (hook ‘em horns), I was constantly infatuated by the world of HTML, blogging, fashion photography/styling, and social media during my college years. I also spent my days working at the flagship store of the Kendra Scott HQ in Austin, TX and watched and experienced it grow immensely (experiencing this thriving retail fashion business for over 3 years initially opened my eyes to the fashion scene here in Austin, TX!). I spent most of my free time in college either searching endlessly through Pinterest and Tumblr for visual inspiration or working at Kendra Scott. I was thirsty for creative inspiration, and craved all things styled, creative and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In February 2013 at the age of 20, I decided to take the leap and started The Darling Detail blog—this creative outlet that I’m head-over-heels with. Years later, I began working for lifestyle blogger, Camille Styles — and quickly found myself in the industry I’m most passionate about: the blogosphere. I have transformed this little passion—The Darling Detail—into a full-time business, and this little blog into a strategic career—and feel so blessed to be pursuing my dreams in my 20’s. We now have a contracted team of 10 (and growing!) and an office space located in our dear home of Austin, TX!


The Darling Detail rapidly expanded into a multi-faceted ministry, community and shop in 2019. After 6 years of fashion blogging, I felt called to serve in the fashion and social media space by launching a shop (shopdarlingdetail.com) where every product sold is packed up, and shipped by women who are recovering from a life of trafficking, addiction and abuse. Every item in our shop [that is sold] provides more employment opportunity for the women of gospel-based nonprofit, Sanctuary Project, who are working to rebuild their lives after leaving a life of sex-trafficking. Visit shopdarlingdetail.com for more info on our shop, mission, products, partners and more!


In January 2018, I created @my_darling_diary as an extension from my fashion blog platform; which is a christ-centered instagram focused on sharing scripture in colorful, encouraging and pinterest-infused ways. This account was founded on authenticity, rawness, vulnerability, encouragement, friendship, and the goal is to disperse the encouraging message of the gospel in a creative and encouraging manner. This raw, real and personal column is fully dedicated to inspiring a positive everyday mind, life, and walk – in the high hopes of incorporating a sense of fulfillment and purpose for myself into the blog outside of fashion. I hope you love it as much as I do! The backstory: my grandmother, Helen. An avid reader and writer, my grandma journaled every single day for most of her later years—filling up countless journals with handwritten moments, letters and daily plans. Never missing a day, she recorded every little detail you could possibly think of. In the midst of her writing, she ministered to young women and gave them journals so that they could do the same. The idea of creating another Instagram account – a faith-based online diary or journal – stemmed completely from her. Join us, sister, mouse on over to instagram.com/@my_darling_diary.

I love fashion, thrifting, creating, curating, writing, and designing. Thanks for tagging along this creative journey with me!

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Enjoy! XOXO