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What’s in My Makeup Bag + My Makeup Routine

Makeup. I have this love-hate kind of relationship with it.  Why I love it? It’s just fun. It’s...

Darling Days

My Austin, Texas Food & Travel Guide

Austin is the place to be; and the place to eat. I’ve lived here in Austin for over...

Health & Exercise

My Skincare Routine & How I Changed my Skin

Since I was 16 years old, facial acne has been the norm.  It was an up and down...

Darling Days

My Single Girl’s Guide to Singleness

Would you believe me if I told you I haven’t been on a date in over 2 years?...

Darling Days

How I Equip My Faith

The Darling Detail and I sometimes get in a tiff. Huh? Okay I’ll tell you. There’s a pretty...

Darling Days

My Health Journey

What is rest, anyway? I found myself asking this after my holistic doctor let me know that I’m...

Darling Days

How to Find Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance… sigh. It feels like this is the topic of every discussion these days.  Maybe it’s the...

Darling Days

How to Travel Alone

 It was 7 am. I had boarded a train in Wurzburg, Germany after being the maid of honor in my...

Darling Days

Cleaning Out Your Closet (Literally)

We’ve heard it a million times: So many clothes, but nothing to wear. Right?! Clutter, excess, overabundance =...

Darling Days

How I Find Rest

Rest. Not a common topic for millennials, if you ask me.  But who’s to blame? Even if we...

Blogging FAQ's

Fashion Blogging + Lessons Learned

I started a little side hobby called ‘The Darling Detail’ my sophomore year of college while working 3...

Darling Days

How to Stay Present

Remember that old saying?  “Stop and smell the roses.”  Okay, now — totally rewording this into 21st Century jargon:...

Darling Days

How to Conquer the Comparison Game

The most requested topic you girls ask me to write about is social comparison. Imma gonna get straight...

Darling Days

Let’s talk food – My food allergies & favorite bites

If you haven’t read about my personal health journey, last fall I found out I was allergic to...

Darling Days

That Morning Mindfulness

You know those mornings? We’ve all had those mornings – rushing out the door, pants are on inside out (haha,...

Darling Days

Currently Working On … These Healthy Practices

You get the gist of it from the title! In the past I’ve often found myself scrolling through...

Darling Days

Overcoming Fear

You know what they say: fear is a liar. I say they’re right. When I took my blog...

Blogging FAQ's

My Personal Story & Blogging FAQ’s

I get so many emails from all you girls asking alllllll about… blogging. And, I absolutely love it....

Darling Days

Setting Boundaries

If you know me personally, you know that 2016 was an epic year for me. Yes, I just...

Darling Days

Love Yourself

I know what you’re thinking: okay, Justin Bieber. Yes, we’ve heard the (sort of mean?) song over and...

Darling Days

Live A Great Story

Picture this: Fast forward 10 years, you’re talking to a complete stranger. He/she asks you – what’s your...

Darling Days

Trust the Process

Have you ever been faced with a journey – a road that feels exhausting, maybe laborsome – but...

Beauty  •  Fashion

5 Summer Beauty Must-Have’s

Hello, honeys! It’s been a minute; before the Nordstrom sale started (see my favorites hereeee) – I’ve been a little bit off the blog and more on the insta-sphere working…

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