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Pretty in PinkPretty in Pink

There’s something about pink.

It makes me feel girly, happy, uplifted–and most of all, pretty. Colors and clothes both have a little special something about them. They can really brighten up a day when you’re feeling a little blue. And this little pink frock definitely works a little magic for me too. I spotted it at a Zara in London and instantly knew how happy it’d make me feel when I was wearing it.

Feeling extra special in that one perfect dress is worth every penny. Clothes are not just clothes (to me), they’re confidence boosters, they’re loyal companions that will always stay by your side. They’re simply there to make you feel more like you. What’s your personal favorite confidence-boosting, feel-good piece and color? Scroll down for deats and links. Xo

Pretty in Pink20140825-IMG_0595Pretty in PinkPretty in PinkPretty in Pink

The Darling Details:

Pink Dress from Zara (sold out, similar from Nasty Gal here) |  Mini Jeanne in Printed Calf Hair in Leopard with Black by C.A.B. | Reyna Drop Earrings by Kendra Scott | Chanel Sunglasses (similar here) | Andy Bracelet in Black by Kendra Scott

Shop Darling :: Labor Day Sales

Shop Darling

How are you planning to ring in the official last weekend of summer? I’m thinking I’ll get a good football-watching fix in, catch some rays on the lake, and most importantly, seize a few of the last sales of summer before the anticipation of fall fashion sweeps in. Because… here in Texas, we still got a whole lotta summer left! And after searching through all of the Labor Day sales I could find… I’ve decided Nasty Gal always has nailed it to a T. And when I say nailed it, I mean 50% off darling styles, staples, and stunners. Click the thumbnails below to shop a few of my favorites. Happy Labor Day, dahlins! Xo (image source)

A few of my favorite Nasty Gal frocks & rompers…

Tops and crops…

Accessories & things…



Darling JumpsuitDarling Jumpsuit

Life is just more fun in print. Lots of print.

I’ve been falling for this fall’s obsessions with pops of leopard, snakeskin, and cheetah. So I decided to mix it all together. This precious python print jumpsuit and a calf hair leopard printed purse were the just the right duo for a darling and glam result. I added in a simplistic, yet elegant, pair of Monica Vinader jewels (earrings, that is) and a choker I snatched at the Paris vintage market this summer (similar here). And voila. Life is definitely more fun printed.

Photography by Jordan Afshin

Darling JumpsuitDarling JumpsuitDarling JumpsuitDarling JumpsuitDarling JumpsuitDarling JumpsuitDarling JumpsuitDarling Jumpsuit

The Darling Details::

Python Print Jumpsuit from Blush Boutique | Gold Vermeil Skinny Bud Short Earrings by Monica Vinader | Mini Jeanne in Printed Calf Hair in Leopard with Black by C.A.B. | Chanel Sunglasses (similar here) | Vintage Necklace (similar here from Nasty Gal) | Ella Ring by Kendra Scott

Giveaway :: Shirt No.1 by California Tailor

Shirt No 1. by California TailorShirt No. 1 by California Tailor

What better way to start a Monday than a giveaway? The best part (for me) about hosting a few giveaways a month is *meeting* one of you lucky readers via email and hearing the usual “I never win anything!” response. I’m in the same boat y’all…never quite been there either! But luckily, with giveaways on the blog, I can actually give away a few gems (e.g., those unique Kendra Scott jewelry pieces, that beautiful Tory Burch handbag, etc,) to you lucky ladies and make your Mondays a little bit more special (and mine too!).

So today I’ve partnered with one of my favorite brands, which is absolutely darling to me. I’ve been working with Gill of California Tailor for quite some time, showing off her laid-back California style mixed in with perfect London-inspired tailoring. You may recognize the classic Shirt No. 1 from a recent post in Cannes on the beach, or my post dedicated to Sundays spent in California Tailor’s Shirt No. 1. In other words, these shirts are one of those special gems that go so, so far: from classy cover-ups on the beach to that weekender essential you throw for a day on the town. And today, I decided to get a little glammed up to show how you can dress the staple up and down. I’m showing off the Dune Primose Shirt No.1, retailing for $168.00. And if you love this darling gem as much as I do (I promise, it will love you back too!), you can enter to win your own California Taylor blouse below. Scroll down to enter in and shop the thumbnails to see how I dressed up my own Shirt No.1. Good luck…!

Photography by Jordan Afshin

Shirt No. 1 by California TailorShirt No. 1 by California TailorShirt No. 1 by California TailorShirt No. 1 by California TailorShirt No. 1 by California TailorShirt No. 1 by California TailorShirt No. 1 by California TailorShirt No. 1 by California Tailor

The giveaway winner can choose any of the California Tailor Shirt No.1′s available && the giveaway will end Monday September 1st! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Darling Details::

Dune Primrose Shirt No.1 by California Tailor | Shoes from Zara, Similar found here by Jeffrey Campbell (they’re on sale!) | Bodycon Skirt by Topshop (similar here or here) | Willis Bag by Coach | Skylen Ring in White by Kendra Scott | Ella Ring in Gold Drusy by Kendra Scott | Chanel Sunglasses (similar here)

A Few Details, Darling…

10 Things I Learned This Month

After traveling throughout three different countries, starting my “big girl” job, making a big move (from an apartment in Paris to one in Texas) all in one month… I think I’ve learned just a thing or two. Today, I thought I’d dedicate my details darling post to a little snippet about what I learned this month… and how I can share it with the rest of the world. Okay, let’s give it a go::

  1. I learned that there’s no coffee like French coffee. Yes, Starbucks—you heard me: your vanilla latte will never compare with a French café au lait (which I’m missing very badly now). (Oh and you probably already know this… but there are no croissants like French croissants. Period.)
  2. I learned to never judge a book by its cover. It’s hard to actually imagine a childhood hero and icon who made so many people laugh as Robin Williams did…was actually depressed on the inside. It makes you take a step back and realize that everyone is going through something deep down inside—whether that be a celebrity, coworker, or random driver who just cut you off on the road. Remembering there’s always more to a book than its cover… is always worth the chance to change a person’s day for the better.
  3. I learned that you just can’t do it all. August was quite the month of over-commitment for this girl right here. Whether it was blogging, working, vacationing, relaxing, catching up, or going out… I learned not to stretch myself too thin. Well, correction: I’m still trying to learn. With having to turn down the prospects of NYFW due to extreme over-commitment in September, I think I’m finally taking a step in the right direction when it comes to FOMO. Anyone else suffer from the same issue?
  4. I learned that waking up early is worth the extra effort. I started a morning routine this last week… and it ‘s proven to prepare me for the day ahead with both excitement and energy that I never previously had before. Giving yourself that extra hour in the morning to actually sip your coffee (not gulp), make your bed, catch up on emails, watch a little TV, and catch up on social media is definitely worth going to sleep just a little bit earlier.
  5. I learned that the French… are not all mean. Don’t listen too carefully to the snooty stereotype about the French. I met some of the most beautiful people (inside and out) while being abroad. If you treat others with respect (culturally), they’ll treat you with the same. If you have any plans of traveling to France in the next couple of months… here are a few tips: 1. Always, always, always start out (trying) to speak to them in French. They will appreciate and respond in English (they want to practice too!) 2. Always say hello… a simple “bonjour” or “bonsoir” is absolutely necessary when it comes to manners. 3. Use “Madame” and “Monsieur.” Texans—we all have “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” drilled into our brains for eternity; it’s an easy switch and absolutely worth it.
  6. I learned that I absolutely adore working. Relaxing is an extremely necessary part of life… but the best part of vacationing for me was that it created the desire to feel ready to get back at it and become a busy bee all over again. Oh yes, I will work myself to the ground (not because I have to, but because I love it).
  7. I learned that people are truly listening. Thanks, Austin, for nominating me for one of the best Austin bloggers (PS—you can cast a vote for me here!)
  8. I learned how to pair wine and cheese in the heart of Paris. Not everyone can say they learned how to pair wine and cheese in Paris. Yes, yes, I can… now if only I could remember what I learned…
  9. I learned how to find energy. I stumbled upon this article via Pinterest, and it’s safe to say it changed my life. I’ve always been extremely hypoglycemic, with extreme sugar highs and crashes throughout the day… meaning finding energy has always been an absolute struggle ever since I can remember. Check out the way to eat your way into gaining more energy. I promise, it works!
  10. I learned that social media can change the world. To all the social media haters out there—a quick read about the ice bucket challenge will be sure to change your life.

image via sacramento street

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